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About the region

Liguria is a narrow strip of land (5,422 km2 ) bordered by the sea, the Alps and the Apennines mountains, in north-western Italy. Liguria Region has a population of 1573837, half of these are resident in the province of Genoa, and the over 65 represent 28% of total population, with an overall ageing index of 242,7.


Health and social care in the region

Liguria Region governs the regional public health system and ensures coordination and cooperation among different actors involved in the health sector. Liguria is the eldest region in Europe, hence it was one of the first to issue a Regional Law on active ageing, facilitating a virtuous interaction between the social and health domains. The regional law established the social health district to integrate social and health functions; Every Local Health Unit has a public health manager that coordinates the two interventions.

With the help of the VIGOUR project, our key aim was to foster innovative approaches to integrated care and improve the quality life of older people.

VIGOUR in the region

Due to its large senior population, Liguria was an extraordinary test bed for innovation targeting the elderly. Liguria Region played a coordinating role in the regional innovation ecosystem, applying the Quadruple Helix Model by linking research (University of Genoa, IIT), government (Ligurian Health Agency), SMEs (Ligurian Life Sciences Hub) and the civil sector organization together, to create the best environment to enable innovative solutions. The DG Economic Development is in charge for the deployment of innovation strategies at regional level: a key priority area of the regional S3 is Health and Life Sciences. Technologies for health and disability support of the elderly are strongly promoted.

Regional contact details

Ernesto Palummeri: ernesto.palummeri(at)regione.liguria(dot)it

Elice Bacci: elice.bacci(at)regione.liguria(dot)it


The team in the region

Ernesto Palummeri Elice Bacci